Bespoke Eye Care

This eye care clinic in Kolkata delivers personalized bespoke services that suit your lifestyle. Owned by Dr Somdutt Prasad, one of the best ophthalmologists and retinal specialists in India, we aim to set new standards in eye surgery in Kolkata and India. We have tie ups with AMRI and FORTIS which are premier eye hospitals in Kolkata. The partnership helps Dr Somdutt Prasad and his team to access the latest state of the art facilities to restore vision of patients.

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Myopia Control Service

Worried about the increasing power of your child’s glasses (चस्मे का बढ़ता नंबर). Myopia in Children can now be controlled by a simple regime of lifestyle changes, dietary plans and regular use of prescribed drugs. The treatments plan is backed by scientific studies and supported by world renowned professional associations. The program reduces progression (increase in power) by about half (50%). It is important to contact an ophthalmologist in kolkata who is familiar with these techniques.

Myopia Control

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Lens Exchange Surgery in Dr SomduttPrasad's i4vision

Lens Exchange Surgery

In refractive lens exchange surgery, the natural lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) to correct refractive error. This helps in maintaining eye sight without the use of glasses. Read to know more

Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery in Dr SomduttPrasad's i4vision

Advanced Refractive Cataract Surgery

Advanced refractive cataract surgery restores the best possible vision in cataract-afflicted patients. Phacoemulsification and other operating techniques and facilities help in restoring vision and lifestyle quickly. Read to know more


Diane Murphy

In this video, Diane Murphy of Wirral, UK, talks about her second eye implantation with Oculentis M Plus by Dr Somdutt Prasad, an expert eye specialist in Kolkata.

Mr Devendra Kumar Singh

Mr Devendra Kumar Singh was suffering from cataract as well as retinal detachment. Read how Dr Somdutt Prasad, a noted eye surgeon in Kolkata, gave him a new lease of life. Mr Singh joined the long list of patients who successfully underwent cataract and retina surgery in India by Dr Prasad. Read more

Dr Sabyasachi Majumdar

Cataract was quite advanced when Dr Sabyasachi Majumdar decided to get operated by Dr Somdutt Prasad. Know how Dr Majumdar's class friend and a top-notch eye doctor in Kolkata helped him restore his vision with a successful cataract surgery in Kolkata. Read more