Vision and Mission

Dr Somdutt Prasad, one of the best retinal specialists in India, has made i4vision an eye care clinic with a difference. This eye care clinic in Kolkata believes in bespoke eye care model where the focus is on personalized care.

bullet-right | i4visionTo provide quality eye care of the highest level to patients.
bullet-right | i4visionTo be an innovator and early adopter of new surgical techniques.
bullet-right | i4visionTo develop insights into the working of the pharmaceutical and medicaldevice manufacturing industries and the skills required to work with the pharmaceutical and appliance industries.
bullet-right | i4visionTo understand different healthcare and medical education systems and build lasting contacts with colleagues across the globe.
bullet-right | i4visionTo develop project management skills in a non-hospital setting and develop links with faculty from across the globe.
bullet-right | i4visionTo understand research methods, grant applications and regulatory processes.

As a noted eye surgeon in Kolkata, Dr Prasad ensures that patients are provided the best treatment in the clinic.