Presbyopia is an age-related eye condition that hampers viewing close objects. With age, the lens of the eyes becomes rigid and less flexible, thereby making it difficult to view close range objects. Almost everyone develops it with age.

Presbyopia causes

As we age, the lens of our eyes becomes more rigid and less flexible. Muscles surrounding the lens lose their elasticity and it becomes difficult for the eyes to focus on close objects. Hence, after the age of 40, people hold objects far away from themselves to see them clearly.

Presbyopia symptoms

Some of the symptoms of the condition are:

Tiredness from close-up work
Holding reading materials at arm's length


Your doctor can determine the problem after a comprehensive eye examination. Using a standard vision test, he/she will find out the degree of the disease. Your doctor can also prescribe for presbyopia surgery.

Presbyopia treatment and correction

There is no concrete treatment for presbyopia. The most suitable correction depends on your lifestyle and eyes. You must discuss your lifestyle with your doctor so that he/she can suggest the best treatment to you. Reading glasses are the most common way to correct the condition. The glasses are handy during reading, stitching, etc. Your doctor will prescribe the right glasses for you.

Presbyopia surgery

Surgery is also an option to treat the condition. Conductive keratoplasty and LASIK eye surgery are used for correcting it. Refractive lens exchange is also used in some cases. In this process, the rigid lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial one.

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