Frequently Asked Questions
When should I go for an eye checkup?
Though there is no particular time to go for an eye checkup, yet you must visit an eye doctor whenever you feel difficulty in your vision. People with a history of vision problem should go for a regular checkup. Adults too must have their eyes examined on a regular basis to detect diseases like glaucoma (especially if you have a family history of glaucoma and are over 40 years of age), cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. All diabetics should get an annual retinal checkup.

Should I wear my spectacle constantly?
Most people should wear their glasses constantly, however if you only need glasses for reading and fine vision, then you can only use your glasses for this.

Should I regularly "update" my spectacle power for 6/6 vision? Annual check is recommended to check that the power of your glasses has not changed.

What is a cataract and how does it affect the vision?
Cataract is the clouding of the natural lens of the eyes. It is one of the most common causes of vision loss. People suffering from the condition find it difficult to read, recognize faces and appreciate colors. Colors may not appear as bright as they did before. The light may suddenly seem too bright.

Will working in front of computers continuously hurt my eyes?
Working continuously in front of computers can lead to computer vision syndrome. People gazing at computer screens for long hours often complain of eyestrain, redness, burning sensation, dryness and double vision. It is important to blink regularly for people sitting in front of monitors for long hours to give eyes relief.

My child watches television from a close distance. Will it affect his vision?
Ideally television shoud be watched from a distance and in good room illumination.

I am finding it hard to read without glasses. What may be the reason?
You may suffer from presbyopia where the ability to focus on near objects decreases steadily.

Are sunglasses good for my eyes?
Sunglasses protect our eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Wearing them protect eyes from cataracts and several other diseases.

Will reading in dim light hurt my eyes?
Reading in dim light makes it difficult for eyes to focus and it can cause short-term eye fatigue. As eyes blink less in such a condition, it can cause short-term dryness. It is important to read in properly lit rooms. The light, however, should not be too bright.

How often should I get my prescription changed?
Only when glasses in your current prescription can't provide you with accurate correction, you must change it. Visit your doctor to get the right prescription.

Should my child wear contact lenses during sports activities?
Yes. You child can wear lenses. However, note that they do not protect eyes from injuries. You child should use polycarbonate sports safety goggles.

Do contact lenses prevent nearsightedness from getting worse?
So, far there has been no evidence as such.

Can I use my prescription to buy over-the-counter contact lenses?
It is not advisable as it doesn't mention the thickness, diameter and other important specifications of the lenses. Contact lenses should be fitted by  a professional trained in contact lens fitting

Is it safe for me to clean my contact lenses with a homemade solution?
No, always use properly constituted and manufactured solutions for cleaning contact lenses

What are the medical terms for nearsightedness and farsightedness?
Nearsightedness: Myopia
Farsightedness: Hyperopia

What is visual acuity?
It refers to the acuteness of vision. It is the measure of the eye's ability to identify the smallest objects at a distance of approximately 20 feet. Visual acuity is expressed in a fraction.

What is legal blindness?
This is generally defined a s vision of 3/60 or 20/400 along with a field which is restricted enough to preclude any activity which requires legal input

What is visual impairment?
It is a condition when sight loss can't be corrected using contact lenses or glasses. Glaucoma, retinal degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and corneal disorders can lead to visual impairment.

What is low vision?
Low vision refers to reduced levels of vision that can't be improved with regular glasses, medicines or surgery. People suffering from low vision find it difficult to accomplish everyday tasks such as writing, reading, shopping, etc. They can be helped with Low Vision Aids (LVAs)

Can eyes be transplanted?
No, only the cornea can be transplanted

How our eyes work?
Light rays enter the eyes through the cornea. The cornea bends the light in a manner so that they pass through the pupil, the opening in the center of the iris. The iris acts as shutter and after passing through it, the rays pass through the lens. The lens refracts light on the retina. When light rays hit the retina, a picture is taken and sent to the brain via the optic nerve.

What should I do to prevent my myopia from increasing rapidly?
Myopia increases at its own rate and there is no convincing evidence that any treatment modality can meaningfully stop it progressing.

What is night blindness?
Night blindness is the condition that makes it difficult to view in low light. It can occur from injury, lack of vitamin A, retinitis pigmentosa, retinal detachment, etc.