I4Vision For Patients

A patient-centric eye care clinic in Kolkata, Dr Somdutt Prasad and i4vision ensure that patients get the best treatment with a personalized touch. The entire process is smooth with well-trained clinical staffs to handle any emergency. Unlike other eye hospitals in Kolkata, the process is not a rushed affair.

Support For Patients

i4vision gives patients every support that they can expect from a top eye hospital in Kolkata. With well-trained staff, i4vision treats its patients with great care.
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Clinical Facility

AMRI and FORTIS are the clinical facilities partner of i4vision. Through the partnership, Dr Somdutt Prasad and his team can access the most modern facilities to treat patients suffering from chronic eye diseases including retinal and cataract surgery.
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Our Way Of Working

Dr Somdutt Prasad, one of the top retinal specialists in India, believes in a healthy discussion with patients to explain the various nuances of treatment. Being a leading eye surgeon in Kolkata, Dr Prasad recommends the best treatment option to his patients and answers all their queries.
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Our Infrastructure

A modern eye care clinic in Kolkata, i4vision is equipped with high-end ophthalmic instruments for a comprehensive eye examination. Fully air-conditioned, the clinic is near AMRI Medical Centre. Latest Phacoemulsification and Vitrectomy machines are available at our facilities partners like AMRI and FORTIS.
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Diabetic Retinopathy

It is important for patients suffering from diabetes to get their retina checked at least once in a year to detect for symptoms of diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopthy is a vision-threatening disease that damages the retina, eventually leading to blindness.
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