Our Way Of Working

Proper knowledge is essential to get the best treatment. We at i4vision, one of the top eye care clinics in Kolkata, give every patient enough space to consider their options before any treatment. We explain them the nuances of the treatment to dispel any fear or confusion in their minds. This makes us different from the others.

Give us a call

Dr Somdutt Prasad is just a call away to deal with any situation. You can call us anytime regarding your problem. We will be more than pleased to give you information on vision correction and answer your questions.

Free Assessment

We organise occasional free assessment sessions, where you can discuss your options and need with a trained professional. This provides you general guidelines, but does not replace a full medical consultation. These are aimed at providing you with general eye care information and broad outlines of how your condition may be managed. Watch out for notifications on this website for such events. We also run a series of Google hangouts, which are also notified here, so that you can log in from the comfort of your home or office and ask any questions you may have directly to Dr Somdutt Prasad, one of the best retinal specialists and a top eye doctor in Kolkata.

Consultation with Dr Somdutt Prasad

This is a critical stage. Here, Dr Somdutt Prasad examines your eyes and general health. He then recommends as to what is the best correction option for you and explains the reason behind the same. At the end of your consultation session, you will have an excellent understanding of the issues related to your treatment.

Through our bespoke approach to vision correction, most patients enjoy great vision levels. Many of our patients come to us on an annual basis for eye health checkup. Several patients have undergone successful retinal and cataract surgery at i4vision under the supervision of Dr Prasad.