Patient Testimonials

Hear from those who have benefited from the expertise of Dr Somdutt Prasad, one of the top retinal specialists in the world. The testimonials speak about the expertise of Dr Somdutt Prasad and what makes him a top eye doctor in Kolkata. Heading i4vision, a modern eye care clinic in Kolkata, Dr Prasad has treated many patients suffering from chronic eye diseases. The best testimony for the services of Dr Prasad is the fact that today most of his new patients are through references of his past patients who always have a nice word or two to say about the “Cure with Care” mantra of Dr Somdutt Prasad.

Rohit Sharma, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, NHS England on Dr Somdutt Prasad

It was great meeting you recently at ACOIN Trichy and attending the excellent sessions you skilfully chaired on diabetic retinopathy. I was impressed & inspired by your teaching & organisational skills. I am sure your patients benefit from your mastery over your subject and your empathetic communication skills. Hope to keep in touch with future ophthalmology pursuits.

Mrs Gouri Bhattacharya on Dr Somdutt Prasad

Mrs Gouri Bhattacharya on Dr Somdutt Prasad

I had a combined Phacoemulsification and IOL implant with a vitrectomy for macular hole. My vision has improved dramatically. Before the operation, I could only read the top letter on the vision chart. Today I can read the bottom line.
Thank You.

Diane Murphy on Dr Somdutt Prasad

Diane Murphy of Wirral, United Kingdom, speaks on Dr Somdutt Prasad, two weeks after her second eye implantation with Oculentis M Plus by him. Kindly click on the given below link to view the entire video.

Mr Devendra Kumar Singh on Dr Somdutt Prasad

Mr Devendra Kumar Singh

With age, the vision of my eyes started deteriorating and I found it difficult to carry out normal routine works. An eye checkup threw up ominous results. While I had developed cataract in both the eyes, my right eye was also suffering from retinal detachment. Surgery was the only option. I was quite apprehensive about the results. Dr Somdutt Prasad operated me and it changed my life forever. My vision is restored and it's a new life for me. A big Thank You to Dr Prasad. More

Dr Sabyasachi Majumdar on Dr Somdutt Prasad

Dr Sabyasachi Majumdar

I was using spectacles since 1973. I had a myopic vision starting with -3.5 on both eyes when I was 10 years old. Since then, the power of both of my eyes has increased over the years and ultimately settled down at -6.00 and-7.00 on right and left eyes respectively. I was habituated to spectacles using constantly with thick glasses over the years. Being a professional, I had to switch over to photochromatic glasses due to my outdoor activities, as I was unable to use any sunglass.

The first deterioration of vision was noted in March 2014 when I developed cataract in my right eye. The power shot up to -10.00. During October 2014, the vision deteriorated further when minus 10 power was not enough for routine work. All of my doctor friends, who were also my class friends at Medical College, Calcutta, suggested surgery as the cataract was quite advanced. Everybody suggested to get operated by Dr Somdutt who was also one of my class friends. I met him in January 2015 and had a long discussion regarding the surgery.

Dr Somdutt discussed with me in detail regarding the procedure and outcome of the surgery. It was finally decided that I would undergo a biometric evaluation to determine the exact type and power of intraocular lens to be implanted during my microphacoemulsifiacation surgery following which I shall be relieved of my day to day spectacles with heavyglasses except for a small frame with a nominal power for reading and writing purpose.

The operation itself, as it was carried out by Dr Somdutt, was a treat to watch. It was carried out through topical anesthesia with the aid of a drop. There was no injection at all. The operation was over within 20 minutes. I was advised to open the bandage after 4 hours but I opened it on next morning. It was a new world of vision for me. Everything was bright with brilliant crystal clear vision of vibrant colors. I was advised a nominal power for reading and writing purpose. It is a very small spectacle frame with a feather light glass.

I have no doubt to say that I owe my eyes to Dr Somdutt.

Mr. Subir Sarkar on Dr Somdutt Prasad

Dr Sabyasachi Majumdar

Falling sick isn't a pleasant experience- so is the resultant visit to a doc. But your gentle demeanour, smiling indulgence to the silliest of query and confident advice has made my interactions with you something to cherish. You will recall on the first day I met you I had mentioned that I had consulted a good number of doctors and that you were the last port of call.Today looking back I consider myself lucky to have sailed that far.

I thank you from the very core of my heart.