Myopia Control Service

Worried about the increasing power of your child’s glasses (चस्मे का बढ़ता नंबर) !

Increasing myopia in children can now be controlled by a simple regime consisting of some lifestyle changes, dietary plans and regular use of prescribed drops. The treatment plan is well studied and backed by scientific studies and supported by professional associations like WSPOS (World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus), AAO (The American Academy of Ophthalmology)and APAO (Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology) and is already widely used in South East Asia.

The program reduces progression (increase in Power) by about half (50%). Individualised plans are provided which include prediction of the approximate power to expect in a few years time, with treatment with a comparison to what would be expected in the natural course of events (ie without any treatment). It is important to contact an ophthalmologist who is familiar with these techniques and uses them regularly as many ophthalmologists may not be familiar with it or be experienced in using these regimes.

An example of prediction for a 6 year old child entering the program with -2.00 myopia is given below:

Please note: This treatment does not reduce power. It reduces the rate of increase of minus power (myopia). It is use in the 5-16 age group who are myopic to slow down the progression of myopia.

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